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About Us

This safe and peaceful house for the elderly was built in 1971, when the need for a home where a safe and meaningful retirement can be enjoyed, was identified. The tidiness and friendly atmosphere of the home is remarkable on entering the premises and ongoing maintenance work is done.

In 1969 the planning was done by two women with vision, Grace van Wyk and Rosie Schoeman, who obtained funds from Government. After the ground was donated by the Dutch Reformed Church, the main building and six flats were built.

By 1982 the need for further expansion was identified, but it only became possible in 1989 to add much needed rooms for frail care and recreational facilities.

All our staff members are qualified, caring and hardworking individuals. Our aim is to help retirees keep their independence for as long as possible, while still providing the peace of mind that their daily needs are taken care of.

The retirees are positive, keep busy with hobbies, play Bingo and exercise with volunteers. The local library has a delightful reading room and pops in very regularly with up to date reading material. Church services are relayed from the local Dutch Reformed Church.

In short, it is our vision to help 55 people make the most of their well-deserved retirement years by supplying pleasant, affordable and safe accommodation and care which will result in a dignified and meaningful retirement.